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All about the many people and projects in Africa who work to promote financial freedom via Digital Cash – the Dash cryptocurrency.

Dash Projects and Escrow

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This is a slightly technical subject to satisfy readers of a curious bent. Dash Projects refers to the activity of individual members of the Dash community, or defined groups of…

The Enigma That Is John Reed

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As John Reed has carried out a defamatory campaign against DashingDude in particular, and Dash Africa in general, we are forced to defend ourselves, if only by relating John’s background…

The Balloon Went Up, And Then Down

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The expression of “the balloon going up” generally refers to a serious warning of impending danger. The balloon certainly went up in January of this year as far as cryptocurrency…

Dash Expands Outreach in Central Africa

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DASH expands outreach in Central Africa, raises new ambassadors The Dashy Africa Group which has successfully expanded outreach into Cameroon since the beginning of the year has taken a further…

Video – Ambassadors host Dash Meet Up Concert

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The Cape Town Dash Ambassadors hosted an event on Saturday evening.  Here is a video of Ricardo Philips speaking about Dash, followed by live music with The Rockets. The event…

Dash Meet Up Music Concert

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Concert in Cape Town – The Cape Town Dash Ambassadors will be hosting a Dash Meet-up Concert on Saturday evening, featuring live music acts including The Rockets. Approximately 600 people…

An open letter to Masternode Owners

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This powerful letter was recently written by the amazing @TanteStefana of the Dash community: I’m writing to you and the community as a whole. I understand that many of you bought…

“Dash Digital Cash” – African Dash Song from Ghana

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An African Dash song has just been released by @Ultimatecrypto from Ghana. @alex-ru from Russia kindly made a video of the song. Enjoy! Dash Africa

Donate to the Dash Leopards

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Nice People are now able to donate directly to the Dash Leopards overseas tour! By bank EFT Banking Details: FNB, Cheque Account Number: 62737404632 Dash Leopards Soccer School NPC 2017/523630/08...

Cape Town Dash Ambassadors meet in new Waterfront Office

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Cape Town Dash Ambassadors – We held a Dash Ambassadors meeting in our new Dash Africa Waterfront Office, in the Hout Bay market, near the southernmost tip of Africa.  The Dash…

Dash into Cameroon

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DASH Cameroon had their second meetup yesterday, Wednesday 21, 2018. There were lessons on cryptocurrency, introducing the participants to DASH. 15 Participants were at the meetup, and they were assisted...

Dash African School Videos on YouTube

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African School – Nathaniel Luz, known online as @rotc, is producing a series of documentary videos.  According to Luz, “The purpose of Dash African School YouTube videos is for Africans…

Dash Ambassadors Training in Cape Town

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Cape Town Ambassadors – Twelve new Dash Ambassadors have commenced training which will enable them to perform their own meet-up events, potentially reaching over 300 universities and colleges across South…

Dash Leopards: Live Music Concert

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The Dash Leopards will be hosting a fund-raising live music concert on Sat, 24 Feb 2018, featuring top local artists including SA Idols 2017 winner Paxton, The Rockets and Emo Adams….

Boost for Dash Leopards

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Twenty-five young soccer players from Hout Bay have the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in an overseas tournament later this year. It has been a year to remember for…

The Big Bang and Other Theories!

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Big Bang – The past year will become known as the year in which cryptocurrencies damn near exploded or, at least, came into the public domain in a big way. …

#DASH4Nigeria Cameroon Meetup

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Cameroon Meetup – #DASH4Nigeria successfully organised a meetup in Cameroon today. The participants watched the videos of DASH African School and had a Skype session with @rotc where their questions…

How Nigeria Beat the Odds to Become Africa’s Cryptocurrency Heartland

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Nigeria – African nations can’t get enough of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That’s the message touted by western media at least, which is happy to cheerlead the measures Africans are…

Dash Global Sponsored Event At Marabarido

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Marabarido:  We are still running the Dash Global Marathon Event. Over 30 people came for our last meetup sponsored by Dash Global.  Today’s Meet-Up Held at Marabarido was jaw dropping….

Dash Military Event Report

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We finished our Military conference/sport competition! I am glad that we were able to collect a good audience. We had a twist to the event because the Nigeria Army Basket…

500 New Dash Wallets

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To open 500 New Dash Wallets on the 26th December 2017 at The Chonge Dovetail Festival And Urban Music Festival in collaboration with DASH Squard Nigeria: I will be partnering…

The Xperien Cycling Project

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Xperien Cycling - Dash Cycling Africa:  Xperien is a Johannesburg enterprise specialised in the disposal and recycling of IT infrastructure, a very critical need of the modern world, particularly in...

Concept Intro: Dash Sky Paragliding

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This is a brief introduction to the Dash Sky Paragliding project.  Dash Sky proposes to buy a large sector of the billboard space provided by the paraglider canopies for the…

The future of money for Africa/Zimbabwe: Kuvacash VP of Finance & Tech Drako Interview

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Future of money for Africa/Zimbabwe:  This is the latest Kuvacash Interview, with VP of Finance & Tech Drako: Kuvacash is solving the significant problems posed by hyperinflation in Zimbabwe with a…

Dash Leopards Motivational Therapy

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Motivational Therapy - Today the Dash Leopards traveled up the famous Chapman's Peak drive for some of mother Nature's therapy, on a beautiful day. Dash Leopards SoccerDash Leopards SoccerDash Leopards SoccerDash...

A Beginners Guide to Dash: Everything You Need to Know About the Digital Currency

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A Beginners Guide to Dash Dash, its name a portmanteau of “digital cash”, is one of the web’s most popular and well established cryptocurrencies.  Dash is a permanent fixture in…

DASH Cycling Africa

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Who are DASH Cycling Africa? Xperien Team Cycling started out as a company cycling team at Xperien (PTY) Ltd based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Xperien is a secure IT asset…

Videos: Introduction + Coach Ricardo meets Luis Suárez

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Introduction to the Dash Leopards About Coach Ricardo, the other coaches, and their passion for their teams. Coach Ricardo meets Luis Suárez Luis Suárez is a Uruguayan professional footballer who...

Down the Rabbit Hole

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We seem to live in an era in which the future is only bounded by our imaginations. The illusory rabbit hole was created by Lewis Carroll who was reputed to…

The Governance Issue – Bitcoin in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe Governance is the hot topic in Africa, the continent of never-ending coups and presidents for life, that is until life comes to a sticky end as the victim of…

Dash Sponsor Kit + Swag for Leopards Soccer

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Dash Sponsor Soccer Teams:  The new Dash-sponsored Leopards Kit arrived on Friday!!  The recent increase in Dash price enabled us to spend more than our initial budget for: Kit for...

DASH for Soldiers: 150 Nigerian Soldiers Event

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Dash 150 Nigerian military Soldiers conference on the 8th December, Time: 10Am-12Pm The Dash 150 Nigerian military Soldiers conference is the first of its kind to ever happen on the…

Rock Lobster Fishing rights ‘still favour Big Business’

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Rock Lobster Fishing rights still favour Big Business:  News / 26 October 2017, 00:12am / Dominic Adriaanse:File photo: Reuters The collective that represents thousands of small-scale fishers from coastal near-shore fishing sectors in the…

Egypt begins Dash cypto-currency adoption activity

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Egypt is beginning to adopt Dash, as they learn why it is better than Bitcoin!  Here is an introductory video.  You can follow some of Amr Hamed's other videos on...

Tee-shirts for Dash Leopards soccer supporters

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I received a lovely surprise today.  I spontaneously decided to go and watch the soccer on a Friday evening, to chat with the coaches.  I didn't notice initially, then I...
Dash South Africa Leopards

Leopards funding received – and about our teams

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Hi! The Dash Leopards Soccer project is moving at warp-speed! We received the needed funding for the first month… and I myself am amazed by the team that we have…

Dash Ghana Road Show

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Hi family, have a look at our TV Discussion on the Dash Road Show in Ghana. It is posted here: https://youtu.be/DCsSufWxjGU Dash Africa  ∙  Dash Ghana  ∙  About

Videos from Coach Ricardo

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Coach Ricardo sent us some videos!  Here is a short documentary about the soccer school: The kids are running!!! Dash South Africa  ∙  Dash Leopards  ∙  About

The #Dash4Nigeria Project

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This #Dash4Nigeria project is a comprehensive approach to Dash adoption in Nigeria, addressing all necessary factors to establish a firm user-base in the country. This will be done through educational…

Report of Dash Nigeria Outreach

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We were present at the West African Regional Conference of Students For Liberty, representing Dash Nigeria on October 27-28 2017. We had time to speak and also attend to the...

Soccer – 3.3 Dash for 3 months

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Please see the website.  I would like to do a 3-month trial of Dash Leopards soccer: 3 new merchants will be recruited to accept Dash (they have already agreed) and...
Dash Africa

Leopards in 5 Languages – Dash Global

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The Dash Leopards soccer team’s story has now been translated into 4 other languages:  Korean, Spanish, French and Italian! The translations were done quickly, within a couple of days.  We…

Lateral thinking: The Dash South Africa Leopards

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The Dash Leopards story is about lateral thinking! The average definition might be “a sideways mental process”, but that imitates a crab’s approach to progress. We prefer to use lateral…

Updates from Dash Roadshow, Ghana – West Africa

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As part of my dash roadshow activities, I held a 1 hour radio discussion on 11th October, 2017 on wfm93.5 in the Upper West region, where I began the roadshow....

Tee-Shirts for Dash Africa and Dash Leopards available on Amazon

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Dash Africa and Dash Leopards tee-shirts are now for sale on Amazon!  You can buy them from Dash Swag!  And you will be supporting a good cause, because the profits...
Dash South Africa Leopards coach Jan and coach Marcus

Dash South Africa: Dash Leopards Soccer Teams

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The Dash Leopards soccer teams are the first in the world to be funded by Dash blockchain technology. The teams will compete internationally, thanks to support from people in the…