The #Dash4Nigeria Project

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This #Dash4Nigeria project is a comprehensive approach to Dash adoption in Nigeria, addressing all necessary factors to establish a firm user-base in the country. This will be done through educational programs such as establishing an on-line African Dash school, meet-ups for average users and for merchants, and creating exchange gateways, and more.

Nathaniel Luz is a Certified Creativity Strategist, Events Planner, Social Entrepreneur and libertarian resident in Nigeria. In the last one year, he facilitated events in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon in the campaign he refers to as the Rise of the Cheetahs. The Cheetahs are the fastest generation of Africans. He believes that this generation could help Africa catch up with the rest of the world. He was recently given an award by, a global non-profit organization promoting liberty around the world, in recognition of his works towards a freer society in Africa. He has thus far organized 3 DASH meet-ups, and one outreach amidst several one-on-one meetups in Nigeria.

DASH adoption in Nigeria is currently on a steady rise, despite the hurdles around some of which are; the ban on all cryptocurrency programs being aired and the fear in the hearts of many due to previous experience with online scams.



Is the awareness of Dash high in Nigeria? Yes. Do people wish to buy DASH always? Yes. Are there exchanges enough to match tis rising demand for DASH in Nigeria? No.

There are exchanges online, but several newbies prefer to just place a call, transfer some fiat to the sellers bank account and receive the DASH in their wallets in a couple of minutes. Our response here is to contact existing local bitcoin traders, get them together into forming a network that trade DASH locally. This would make DASH more easily accessible for fiat. We’d also work with some upcoming online exchanges that focus on the Nigerian market to integrate DASH as well.


At the recently concluded DASH outreach, participants were eager to learn more about DASH. In the past, we’ve carried out follow up education via WhatsApp groups. This time, we’d love to create a DASH school. This school would have presentations in audio-visual formats. This school would be bilingual (English and Nigerian Pidgin English). While we know that Amanda B Johnson is doing a great job here already, our series would range from 1-5 and would be specifically for the Nigerian audience. Also, it would be easier for Nigerians to learn from another Nigerian due to diction, intonation and other differences. The videos would reach over 1,000 people in the first month of release.

The contents and presentations of this school would be created and streamlined for the Nigeria audience. The bilingual mode would enable us cater for a large number of audience. The videos would be on YouTube.


Are there Merchants ready to transact in DASH. Most certainly. All we need do is a bit more education for tem as to allay their fears on price fluctuations, and some publicity materials regarding it. We also hope to have a monthly meeting with the DASH merchants in order to adequately respond to any issues that may arise. This meetings we believe would create a stronger bond for the DASH merchants, traders / exchanges.


The need for more outreaches cannot be overemphasized. We’d continue holding Meetups all over the country.


We’d partner with organizations who same same ideology with us, to get a slot to speak at their events. We could maximize this if the organizations are to give us about 45 minutes to speak, and an enquiry desk at the event were people could come for more information.


All activities above would be crowned with a major outreach at the end of the month. The outreach would have a conference with about 100 participants and would reach over 200 people in total as there’d be other activities asides the conference.

  • Tools required
  • Produce Videos and graphics
  • Meetups by DASH ambassadors
  • Merchants and exchanges training programs
  • Conferences, partnership with other organizations, and other speaking engagements
  • Prints and swags (shirts, rollup banners, stickers, etc., and tips)
  • Travels and communication
  • Team allowance
  • Total is 43 DASH

Did I leave anything out? Kindly comment and advise.

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Report of Dash Nigeria Outreach

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We were present at the West African Regional Conference of Students For Liberty, representing Dash Nigeria on October 27-28 2017. We had time to speak and also attend to the participants in groups.
We had a total of 6 Dash Ambassadors (myself included) who spent quality time during the day and at night (there was a social meetup after the event on Saturday). We were able to reach a lot of people, and got them into Dash. A touching story was elderly man we met who told of how he missed out on getting on Bitcoin in 2010 thinking it was a ‘scam’. I explained the potentials of Dash to him and he’s promised to get some soon.
We printed t-shirts, stickers, and some other publicity materials to aid our job. These materials were helpful as they attracted people to us who wanted to get more information about Dash. We’d love to print more publicity materials especially stickers. Our plan is to paste them on private and commercial vehicles. This would increase awareness.
Special thanks to @thedesertlynx for his support towards this event.
Pictures are here:

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Meetup – Nigeria Dash Ambassadors

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This meetup was for potential DASH Ambassadors. This is in line with the DASH Ambassadors Drive for Nigeria. I believe having more hands would greatly multiply our output.

We had 17 participants, and 14 of them indicated an interest in promoting DASH in Nigeria. I’ve started a training course with them and would be introducing those who finish this course, and would have them host their first DASH meetups soon.

On Tips:

  • 5 people got $10
  • 10 people got $5
  • 1 person (the venue owner) got paid 0.15 DASH.
  • Uploaded on imgur are pictures of all the transactions.

I paid for the venue of our meeting with 0.15 DASH, the venue owner was impressed at the speed of DASH transactions and we’re currently discussing on making DASH the primary means of payment for booking the hall. We’re looking at offering a 5-10% discount for all who book the venue using DASH. This is a good move as it’d increase the awareness and transactions of DASH.


We postponed the conference we earlier planned. We’d love to have other events such as the one-on-one talks, street awareness, radio talks, and to crown them all with a major DASH Seminar.

Videos of the event are available on YouTube and the pictures on imgur. I’d post them immediately after this post.

On Radio Talk Show:

The radio show comes up soon and would have myself and another DASH Ambassador on air for over 30 minutes, teaching DASH and would also have people call in to comment and ask questions.

Videos of the Event:

are available on YouTube here:  and the pictures on imgur here.

I believe in #DASH4Africa and #Africa4DASH

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Dash Nigeria Evangelism on the need for Financial Independence

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Happy Independence Day Anniversary Nigeria – about the need for Financial Independence for All.

That Nigerians have yet to fully embrace cryptocurrencies, despite the call from the Central Bank and other organizations to do such can be attributed to fear and ignorance. Several Nigerians were victims of online MLM scams and hence have taken a position not to get involved with “online money” deals.

But there’s still hope for my country!

With proper and persistent educational activities being carried out, the fear would melt for courage and the ignorance would certainly give way.  This is the motivation behind the DASH NIGERIA EVANGELISM.  We’ve planned a series of activities including:

  • Meetups
  • Radio talk
  • 1 on 1 talks
  • Street awareness
  • DASH Ambassadors Drive (DAD)
  • We hope to raise over 100 new Dashians throughout the 31 days in October beginning today.

We’re planning the DASH Nigeria Financial Independence Conference for October 12, 2017.

There’d be several publicity activities and 1 on 1 meetups to ensure we record a high level of attendance.  We’re working towards having 100 participants for the event.

Having myself and @cryptolib train people on how to achieve financial independence by leveraging on the opportunities provided by DASH would result in immense success with several individuals adopting DASH and investing in it.

Again, we believe in #DASH4Africa and #Africa4DASH

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Dash Nigeria Meetup II

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Guess what?  We had 24 participants at the second Dash Nigeria Meetup!!

This made me need to find a bigger hall to accommodate all of the participants!  All the participants were new to DASH and I took them through a lecture of 23 minutes, after which we had a questions & answers session, which then was followed by a practical session on how to backup a wallet, send and receive money, etc, then the participants did a shout-out saying “DASH IS GOOD”. 

Videos of the 4 sessions above have not been uploaded to YouTube yet, as I am currently out of cash, and I’d need to buy a large amount of data for the upload as the 4 videos are a total of 4.94GB. 

All of the participants downloaded wallets, and I sent $10 to 7 participants, and $5 to 9 of them. I didn’t have enough Dash to go round, as I emptied my wallet while tipping them, but I promised to send the rest some few dollars as they dropped their addresses with me.

Dash Meetups Catch on Across Africa

I believe in #DASH4Africa and #Africa4DASH

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Prologue to Dash

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Prologue: DASH is a privacy-protection driven advanced digital currency, supporting instant exchanges. It is based on the Bitcoin programming, however it has a two level system that enhances it. Dash enables you to stay anonymous while you make exchanges, just like cash.

With Bitcoin, transactions are distributed to the blockchain and people can search to discover who made them or to whom, yet with Dash the anonymization innovation makes it impossible to follow transactions. This is critical in light of the fact that the blockchain is open to anybody with a web association – and a huge disadvantage for those don’t wish their exchange history and parities to be freely accessible. Dash does this through a mixing protocol using an inventive decentralized system of servers called Masternodes, maintaining a strategically secure distance requirement for outsiders who might try to trade off the trustworthiness of the framework.

Dash exchanges can be affirmed in a split second by the Masternode system. This is an extraordinary change from Bitcoin’s framework, where confirmations take much longer since all the work is done by the miners.

Why pick Dash?

  • Private

    Keep your investments private so that no one can track you; as your money exchanges are nobody else’s business. With Dash’s anonymousness, only you can view your wallet data.  Nobody else.

  • Quick

    Payments are received immediately by the other party because of the InstantSend innovation. Anonymization gives you a chance to send Dash namelessly without sitting for procedures or individuals.

  • Secure

    Unbreakable encryption and a trustless protocol for security, and an anonymization process.

  • Worldwide

    You can send Dash to anyone, anywhere on the planet, for very low fees.

  • Low Fees

    Much lower than banks or charge cards, and often even free. You don’t pay benefits to any person or organization; simply the system costs.

  • Peer to peer

    No central specialists hold your money, due to full decentralization. Everything remains private between you and the other party in the exchange.

Want a wallet?  Click here.

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The Need for Digital and Internet Freedom in Africa

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Freedom – We’ve been witnesses to frequent government shutdowns of the Internet in several parts of Africa in recent years. Earlier this year, it was Cameroon, and just recently, Ethiopia. It is however necessary to remind one another, as well as relevant authorities that Internet Freedom is a fundamental human right, and should not be hindered nor denied for any reason whatsoever.

One major benefit of the internet is decentralization. The social media has decentralized communication and made communicating across the globe much easier, cheaper and quality. The internet has increased opportu­nities to create, obtain and share knowledge globally at such an amazing speed, propelling innovation and development and helping many young entrepreneurs to market and trade across conventional barriers. Several shifts in power that have been recorded across the globe are tightly connected to increased internet access.

Freedom of expression is non-negotiable in a democratic society. The Dalberg report on the Economic Impact of Internet Openness states that: “The Internet makes education more accessible, opening up opportunities for distance learning (which in most cases is free).” Today, thousands of libraries, training programs, and open university courses are available online to millions of users across the globe. Resources like the Khan Academy – a non-profit website that offers high-quality educational videos and comprehensive learning programs for free to anyone anywhere in the world – have emerged as powerful Internet tools that are changing the way students learn and interact. Khan Academy videos are hosted on YouTube, which has enabled the organization to grow rapidly. But access to YouTube has been blocked at various times in many countries, preventing users from accessing these educational videos. Moreover, in places where citizens do not have access to the Internet at all—likely the places where free educational resources are most needed—or where speeds are too slow, people cannot take advantage of educational resources like the Khan Academy.

The free arena for the ex­change of ideas that the internet allows poses threats to several governments all over the world, and as a result, serious efforts are being made to re­strict people’s freedom on the internet freedom through censoring, websites blocking, and sometimes total internet shutdowns.

The shutdown and restoration of the internet at the government’s will in any country, causes a direct harm to business transactions, and is also a clampdown on the rights of internet users. It will drain a lot of money from the economy, besides undermining citizens’ rights to impart and seek information. Restrictions on the Internet can also have a chilling effect on investment, making a country less attractive to foreign investors.

The internet is an indispensable tool for promoting social justice and political liberty, used by citizens worldwide to fight for their rights, demand accountability, and amplify marginalized voices. While WhatsApp has also served as an important tool enabling organized civic activism, giving space for political activists and citizen journalists through private encrypted WhatsApp groups to share community information and strategies to influence local government decisions, several individuals were arrested in Zimbabwe in 2016, for online activities, particularly for WhatsApp messages that criticized aging President Mugabe. The Angolan constitution provides for freedom of expression and the press, though in practice, the authorities routinely flout these rights. New legislation passed in August 2016 empowers the government with the ability to control social media and penalize online speech. The examples above, from the Freedom On The Net Report, are just two of the several instances of harassment and intimidation of internet users by governments in Africa, meanwhile the continent is still the least connected on the planet.

Are these governments aware of the losses made daily and the frustrations that arise from such actions of theirs?

Individuals, Civil societies and Governments should adopt the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms, to ensure that the Internet is safe and secure for individuals to engage, and from which they can create and consume content and applications for their social, economic and civic empowerment.

Civil societies should intensify resistance to internet shutdowns by oppressive and authoritarian governments. One major method is the propagation of circumvention tools citizens can take advantage of when such cases arise.

According the Digital Rights in Africa Report 2016 by Paradigm Initiative, “Africa is already behind on many development indices but the internet presents perhaps a chance to bridge many of those gaps through the access it grants to life changing information, communications, education, opportunities, and its role in the development of the political space. Those who constrain Internet freedoms should be seen as adversaries of development – something Africa needs in a hurry.”

Free­dom of expression today is greater online than offline in most countries. It is therefore important that we mobilize against individuals and institutions that seek to reduce or take away this fundamental right, thereby preventing people from several opportunities. Digital freedom is highly essential, and as other liberties, should be upheld and protected as we work towards a free society devoid of government interference in people’s lives.

Nathaniel Luz is a Local Coordinator at ASFL and he is passionate about digital & internet freedom. You can connect with him via [email protected], or on twitter @Nathaniel_Luz.