Dash Expands Outreach in Central Africa

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DASH expands outreach in Central Africa, raises new ambassadors

The Dashy Africa Group which has successfully expanded outreach into Cameroon since the beginning of the year has taken a further step to concretizing Dash in Cameroon thanks to funding by Dash DAO Treasury.This project carried out by Nathaniel Luz and Oladotun Wilfred involved training for Dash ambassadors, seminars, and meetups for local crypto traders, TV and radio shows, including plans to partner with the first online crypto exchange set to launch in a few weeks.

Existing ambassadors who have been organizing meetups learnt more strategies and skills needed to get more effective results. New ambassadors have also been trained and would begin organizing meetups under the Dash Force meetups contests immediately.

The team was also charged the responsibility of promoting Dash to other countries in Central Africa.

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Dash into Cameroon

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DASH Cameroon had their second meetup yesterday, Wednesday 21, 2018.

There were lessons on cryptocurrency, introducing the participants to DASH. 15 Participants were at the meetup, and they were assisted in setting up their wallets, then they were tipped $5 each.

Some of the participants have already started purchasing DASH. We’ll continue to promote DASH in Cameroon seeing it’s potential for economic independence.

Dash African School Videos on YouTube

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African School – Nathaniel Luz, known online as @rotc, is producing a series of documentary videos.  According to Luz, “The purpose of Dash African School YouTube videos is for Africans to learn from Africans.”

The videos are used as material for the Dash Ambassadors training program.  The Dash Ambassadors initiative is currently operating in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana in collaboration with South Africa.

Please follow the channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9FWaDIcLYbDUvyyNy-3q6Q

#DASH4Nigeria Cameroon Meetup

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Cameroon Meetup – #DASH4Nigeria successfully organised a meetup in Cameroon today. The participants watched the videos of DASH African School and had a Skype session with @rotc where their questions were answered.
This makes Cameroon the first Francophone and Central African country to join the DASH movement. Cameroon’s currency has also been a victim of fluctuations and has affected the people especially those who carry out cross boarder trading.
DASH presents a great opportunity for them to protect the value of their money and aid trading with neighbouring countries and the globe.
We hope to continue our enlightenment activities focusing on the raising of DASH Ambassadors in Cameroon and Central Africa, like we’re doing in West Africa at the moment.

The #Dash4Nigeria Project

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This #Dash4Nigeria project is a comprehensive approach to Dash adoption in Nigeria, addressing all necessary factors to establish a firm user-base in the country. This will be done through educational programs such as establishing an on-line African Dash school, meet-ups for average users and for merchants, and creating exchange gateways, and more.

Nathaniel Luz is a Certified Creativity Strategist, Events Planner, Social Entrepreneur and libertarian resident in Nigeria. In the last one year, he facilitated events in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon in the campaign he refers to as the Rise of the Cheetahs. The Cheetahs are the fastest generation of Africans. He believes that this generation could help Africa catch up with the rest of the world. He was recently given an award by studentsforliberty.org, a global non-profit organization promoting liberty around the world, in recognition of his works towards a freer society in Africa. He has thus far organized 3 DASH meet-ups, and one outreach amidst several one-on-one meetups in Nigeria.

DASH adoption in Nigeria is currently on a steady rise, despite the hurdles around some of which are; the ban on all cryptocurrency programs being aired and the fear in the hearts of many due to previous experience with online scams.



Is the awareness of Dash high in Nigeria? Yes. Do people wish to buy DASH always? Yes. Are there exchanges enough to match tis rising demand for DASH in Nigeria? No.

There are exchanges online, but several newbies prefer to just place a call, transfer some fiat to the sellers bank account and receive the DASH in their wallets in a couple of minutes. Our response here is to contact existing local bitcoin traders, get them together into forming a network that trade DASH locally. This would make DASH more easily accessible for fiat. We’d also work with some upcoming online exchanges that focus on the Nigerian market to integrate DASH as well.


At the recently concluded DASH outreach, participants were eager to learn more about DASH. In the past, we’ve carried out follow up education via WhatsApp groups. This time, we’d love to create a DASH school. This school would have presentations in audio-visual formats. This school would be bilingual (English and Nigerian Pidgin English). While we know that Amanda B Johnson is doing a great job here already, our series would range from 1-5 and would be specifically for the Nigerian audience. Also, it would be easier for Nigerians to learn from another Nigerian due to diction, intonation and other differences. The videos would reach over 1,000 people in the first month of release.

The contents and presentations of this school would be created and streamlined for the Nigeria audience. The bilingual mode would enable us cater for a large number of audience. The videos would be on YouTube.


Are there Merchants ready to transact in DASH. Most certainly. All we need do is a bit more education for tem as to allay their fears on price fluctuations, and some publicity materials regarding it. We also hope to have a monthly meeting with the DASH merchants in order to adequately respond to any issues that may arise. This meetings we believe would create a stronger bond for the DASH merchants, traders / exchanges.


The need for more outreaches cannot be overemphasized. We’d continue holding Meetups all over the country.


We’d partner with organizations who same same ideology with us, to get a slot to speak at their events. We could maximize this if the organizations are to give us about 45 minutes to speak, and an enquiry desk at the event were people could come for more information.


All activities above would be crowned with a major outreach at the end of the month. The outreach would have a conference with about 100 participants and would reach over 200 people in total as there’d be other activities asides the conference.

  • Tools required
  • Produce Videos and graphics
  • Meetups by DASH ambassadors
  • Merchants and exchanges training programs
  • Conferences, partnership with other organizations, and other speaking engagements
  • Prints and swags (shirts, rollup banners, stickers, etc., and tips)
  • Travels and communication
  • Team allowance
  • Total is 43 DASH

Did I leave anything out? Kindly comment and advise.

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Report of Dash Nigeria Outreach

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We were present at the West African Regional Conference of Students For Liberty, representing Dash Nigeria on October 27-28 2017. We had time to speak and also attend to the participants in groups.
We had a total of 6 Dash Ambassadors (myself included) who spent quality time during the day and at night (there was a social meetup after the event on Saturday). We were able to reach a lot of people, and got them into Dash. A touching story was elderly man we met who told of how he missed out on getting on Bitcoin in 2010 thinking it was a ‘scam’. I explained the potentials of Dash to him and he’s promised to get some soon.
We printed t-shirts, stickers, and some other publicity materials to aid our job. These materials were helpful as they attracted people to us who wanted to get more information about Dash. We’d love to print more publicity materials especially stickers. Our plan is to paste them on private and commercial vehicles. This would increase awareness.
Special thanks to @thedesertlynx for his support towards this event.
Pictures are here: https://imgur.com/a/xyH3Q

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