Dash making Waves in Ghana

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To promote the potential of Dash growth in Africa, the Dash Team in Ghana has organized a number of successful meet ups. The team, led by zambang have organized four successful meet ups for the month of October. A target has been made by the team to organize two Dash Meet Ups per week, totaling eight Dash Meet Ups for the month of October.

Topics discussed include:

  • What is Dash crypto currency
  • How to own Dash
  • Why does one need Dash
  • Dash investment opportunities
  • The benefits surrounding Dash
  • Dash, a remedy to African problems

The discussions are always built around crypto currency in general but centered on Dash digital currency as the best possibly crypto currency, particularly from the angle of instant transaction and the cost of transaction. Finally, a friendly appeal is made to all participants to install the Dash wallet into their phones. All participants indeed installed into their phones the Dash core official wallet. The need to protect their private keys was also looked at, as that prevents Dashians from losing their money when their phones are missing. Many were interested to see how money can be uploaded into their installed Dash wallets, and a $5 Dollar Dash was sent to more than six participants each and they indeed confirmed the instantaneous feature of Dash Digital Currency.

Audience analysis has been made to get the testimonies of the participants at end of every meet up and they shared the following:

“I will like to thank the Dash team for bringing to us the 21st century revolutionary money, I see Dash digital currency solely designed for Africans. Per what I have experienced as far as instant transaction is concern and of course the cost of transaction, I see Dash as the better version of Bitcoin”

Another participant shared this with us

“For me, I have heard of Bitcoin before and I have made bitcoin transaction also, this is my first time of hearing Dash digital currency and I can so far attest to the fact that, it is the best crypto currency I have ever seen and I will like to thank the organizers for getting us into this revolution”.

“Wow incredible it is, for the first time I experience a transaction taken 1.5 seconds to confirm, that means when you continue with this way, educating more people on Dash, in the short distance future, there would be no need for physical banking. The world indeed has gone digital”.

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After a successful Dash Meet Up. Get involved with Dash Digital Currency.


Dash’s Potential in Africa

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The testimony of Abdul Kudus Mutaru, of north-west Ghana, known on Dash Slack as “zambang”.

I have organised a number of meets in my region to promote Dash, based on my firm belief that it represents enormous potential in Ghana and the continent, particularly as Dash is quite unique amongst crypto currencies in general.

On 14 September I organised  a meet with students of economics, all very much aware of the progress from the ancient barter system, through various forms of fiat, to today’s digital currencies. The presentation concerned itself with crypto currencies in general, from their origin to the present proliferation of currency brands, but centred on Dash as possibly the best of those brands, particularly from the aspect of speed and cost of transaction.

There are obvious barriers to the adoption of crypto in Africa, as one cannot trade generally with it, and the cost of 1Dash is very high in any African currency. Hence, I promote the concept of buying fractions of Dash at a time, and as an investment rather than a means of trading. As usual, the event concluded with all participants installing Dash wallets on their phones and each being given $5 worth of Dash.

Of course, there was discussion in terms of comparing Dash with Bitcoin as the original crypto currency. But I, together with fellow Dash travelers, dagogu55 and cryptolib, have had our fingers burned with Bitcoin and can readily state as much. Personally, I promote the speed, privacy, and security of Dash transactions as extremely competitive features.

I remain convinced that Dash has a great future in Africa: it definitely runs in my veins.

This is a re-write of Abdul’s original post, less than half the length of the original without any loss of content or intent. This represents how Dash-Africa.com would like to receive input, although we are always ready to assist. The Editor

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About my trip to the DASH Crypto Currency and Blockchain Event

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Mr Mahamadu Abdul-Salam, who is known on the Dash Slack as cryptolib successfully organized a day event, dubbed the Dash Crypto Currency and Blockchain Event, in Tamale on the 9th of September 10, 2017. I deemed it necessary to attend, so embarked on a 6 hour road journey to join the event, and it was a success.

At the opening of the event a prayer was made by one of the participants which was followed by cryptolib, who talked the participants through the genesis of Dash Digital Cash. He made participants understand that Bitcoin is expensive to buy as we speak today, so there is the need for them to adopt Dash which is doing relatively well in the market.  Dash can serve as an investment, and he stressed that that by buying it to keep, the fact that most of them cannot afford to buy 1 Dash should not be a problem.  He assured them that they could buy smaller amounts of Dash to keep. He also focused on the three unique features of Dash: Instant, Private and Secure. He concluded by encouraging participants to adopt and use Dash in daily transactions, and the explanation was done to by making them install jaxx wallet onto their phones.

It was my turn (Abdul kudus Mutaru); known on the Dash Slack as zambang, so I took participants through the dichotomy between Dash and Bitcoin. Many of them said that they have been hearing of Bitcoin and are now eager to know the difference between Bitcoin and Dash. I made them appreciate the fact that you cannot mention crypto currency without mentioning Bitcoin, because that is still the mother of all crypto currencies. But then, there exist distinctive features between the two despite the fact that both of them use blockchain technology. Bitcoin does not offer the same privacy that Dash has, as Dash is able to keep transactions completely private. Also, Bitcoin transactions take a longer time and Dash has solved that problem. The final point I mentioned was aligned to the cost of making a transaction on Bitcoin, which is relatively high (almost $4) relative to that of Dash which is next to zero. This $4 transaction cost is relatively high for the average African, in terms of considering the adoption of Bitcoin. The morale of participants was augmented toward Dash and I have a full conviction that it will provide a fertile ground for Dash to thrive in Africa.

By Abdul kudus Mutaru
DashNeo Africa

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What is Dash?

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Basically, Dash is a form of digital currency that supports instant transaction. Dash was originally called Dark Coin, but changed the name to Dash in 2015, for marketing purposes. Dash has similar features to Bitcoin, as Bitcoin and Dash are both based on the same blockchain technology.  But Dash transactions are completely private, unlike Bitcoin which posts every transaction on the public ledger.  Also, a Bitcoin transaction takes a really long time whereas Dash has solved that problem.

Watch the video for a short explanation here:  What Is Dash?

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About DashNeo

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DashNeo Africa is devoted to providing a simple and fair educational platform for every individual to learn about Dash Digital Cash. We are devoted to liberation of the people of Africa from the web of fiatism, into a new world a crypto currency. Education has been our top priority, because the world has economy has gone and there is a need to awaken and remind people to get involved in Africa’s new money system.

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