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Strategy And Goals :

Who are we ? We are a team of crypto enthusiasts from Morocco. Arab is our native language. We want to spread the good word of Dash to our fellow Moroccans and the 400 million Arabs of this world. We have already hosted Dash meetups and received the reward offered by Dashforcenews (Mastermined). Now we are ready to make our own proposal and get Dash more publicity in our region!

What will we do ? Our first proposal is going to be focused on creating awareness and building trust with a Facebook group and a Dash School type of Youtube video series in Arabic. Arabians are likely to adopt Dash if it is in their native language and is easy to understand without a language barrier.

We will also have boots on the ground for meet-ups and contests based in Morocco. Morocco is generally a poor country and we want to let people of Morocco and Arabs know that there is an alternative to Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin has such high fees and slow transactions, people don’t use it like money – they just hold it, or are not interested. Dash can help our fellow Moroccans and Arabs in a real way as an everyday currency because of low fees and fast transactions .

Here are the Details of our 3 part plan :

Part 1 : Create Youtube videos (similar to Amanda’s Dash School) in Arabic.
Subjects include: What is it? Why do we need it? How do you get it and use it? What makes it different? What’s coming in the future (road map)?

Part 2 :  Meet-ups and real life swag giveaways
-Create Dash swag including stickers and go out in public, especially to Universities to help raise awareness and build interest about Dash. Moroccans love free stuff! They will put the stickers on their laptops and books and will spread the news organically to build trust. We will provide links to Youtube and Facebook group on the stickers and free stuff.
-Duration: Two weeks at a new location with new people every day, taking pictures with each new Dash person
-We will host meet-ups and help those interested to install and use Dash wallets. We will give each new user $10 worth of Dash at meet-ups and through facebook, up to a maximum of 40 new users. The videos on the youtube account will be shown at meetups and linked on facebook

Part 3  Contests
We will create facebook contests for subscribers of the group, for example:
If someone already has a balance in another crypto (such as Bitcoin or Eth) and converts to Dash, we will award them $20 worth of Dash. They will see how much faster and better it is than Bitcoin and hopefully pay it forward and help others by donating some to friends and family.
We will do two contests per week for two weeks (4 total)
We will document all of the Dash that is given away with addresses and photos .

Cost :

Create Youtube videos : 15 Dash
contests = 5 Dash
Stickers and giveaways = 7 Dash
Team = 7 Dash
*Djcrypto has helped us create this proposal and is loaning us the 5 Dash for the fee .

” Please see our pre-proposal thread Here
And the positive feedback we received as well as the 100% approval in the poll ”

Here are some pictures of first meet up of Moroccan dash team :

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Picture N = 2 
Picture N = 3

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