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The Dash Leopards are the first teams in the world to be funded by blockchain technology. We promote Digital Cash through soccer.

Videos: Introduction + Coach Ricardo meets Luis Suárez

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Introduction to the Dash Leopards

About Coach Ricardo, the other coaches, and their passion for their teams.

Coach Ricardo meets Luis Suárez

Luis Suárez is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a striker for Spanish club Barcelona and the Uruguay national team. Widely regarded as one of the best players in the world.[nb 1]  This is an old video showing coach Ricardo taking some of his team to talk to Luis.

Dash Sponsor Kit + Swag for Leopards Soccer

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Dash Sponsor Soccer Teams:  The new Dash-sponsored Leopards Kit arrived on Friday!!  The recent increase in Dash price enabled us to spend more than our initial budget for:

Kit for 30 players

Dash-branded league-soccer kit for 30x soccer-kids:

  • Numbered Soccer shirts, shorts, socks
  • Goalie uniforms
  • Team-captain armbands

Kit for 5 coaches

The 5 coaches received:

  • 5 Coach jerseys in unique colours
  • Matching soccer-shirts, identical to the teams
  • Kit-bags and soccer balls

Dash Tracksuits

Dash Leopards tracksuits for the teams and coaches.

Dash Swag!

No web URL is needed on shirts and stickers – simply google “Dash Leopards”, and you’ll find us immediately!!  We also got:

  • 3x Camera-men.  We’ll release the videos once they are edited.
  • Big Dash-love.  I am a shy guy, but now I keep getting accosted by guys saying “Hey, I’m a Dash Leopards supporter too!”.

Dash is the new Hot Topic in our community.  Ask any of the kids what Dash is, and they’ll tell you that it is Digital Cash.  Ask them what Digital Cash is, and they won’t really know yet.  But they will, very soon…. I promise!

I am not doing this project alone.  I have the support of an unexpected large team who also want this project to succeed.  And it is succeeding!  We thank the people in the Dash community who enabled this to happen.

Tee-shirts for Dash Leopards soccer supporters

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I received a lovely surprise today.  I spontaneously decided to go and watch the soccer on a Friday evening, to chat with the coaches.  I didn’t notice initially, then I saw that many people were wearing brand new Dash Leopards tee-shirts!

  40 shirts were ordered for the parents and supporters of the teams, at the team’s own expense!  They are trying to say “thank-you” to Dash.  I also saw samples of the Dash-branded tracksuits, which are also self-funded by the teams.  The second round of Dash funding, which has been received, will pay for branded soccer-shirts and other kit as per our budget, but these lovely surprises are not at our expense.  I will post again when the sponsored kit arrives, hopefully by Friday.  We’ll make videos too.

There is much more to come from this project, so please stay posted.  I promised a good ROI for the 3.3 Dash per month, for soccer.  And now we’re earning Dash love and awareness from an entire community, for very little money.

PS: To re-iterate, this was not a planned visit.  The teams did not expect me to arrive.  The supporters were wearing Dash Leopards shirts anyhow and will continue to do-so.  The planned visit will happen next-week, hopefully, when we’ll make the videos.

Thank you to the people who helped to make this start to happen!  I’ll thank you in person on Dash Discord.

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Dash South Africa Leopards

Leopards funding received – and about our teams

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The Dash Leopards Soccer project is moving at warp-speed! We received the needed funding for the first month… and I myself am amazed by the team that we have raised, to support this project spontaneously and surprisingly.
The project started quite by chance, after I did some community work. And now we suddenly have a professional camera-man, a pro designer in London, 5 coaches, 3 teams, a manager, writers and editors, a legal expert, marketing men, proper admin, and so much more. Of course, we also have the support of the Dash community (DashForce and the instantkarmafund.org), and our fellow Dash Africans like @cryptolib and @rotc and @zambang and others. It’s all gone crazy. Try google “Dash Leopards” yourself and see what comes up….. Wow! There is plenty more work to do, but we’ve made an amazing start, I think…

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Dash South Africa Leopards coach Jan and coach Marcus

Dash South Africa: Dash Leopards Soccer Teams

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The Dash Leopards soccer teams are the first in the world to be funded by Dash blockchain technology. The teams will compete internationally, thanks to support from people in the community.

The Dash community was able to raise funding for the African soccer teams, of a community in Cape Town to register for an international tournament next Easter. Following an appeal on Dash Nation, the needed funds were raised within 24h…. just in time for the team’s Amsterdam registration deadline.

The team’s story inspired a response from @Dash Shirts, and tee-shirts (of Dash Africa and the Dash Leopards) now are being sold on Amazon with double the profits going directly to the Leopards.

On average, 100 spectators attend each match, and 500 attend each tournament. This presents excellent opportunities for the promotion of Dash, and a great Return on Investment (ROI) relative to other promotional projects.

The U12 Leopards are Champions in their league, and now compete against children who are two years older than themselves.

After school, the coaches supervise homework in the library, before the kids play soccer, and this keeps them away from gangsterism and drugs and safe, until their parents return from work.  The Leopards have 5 coaches (2 head-coaches, 2 assistants, and 1 life coach).

The team has an excellent administrative structure which functions transparently and efficiently. In future we would like to replicate this this model all across Africa, via our Dash Africa alliances

Children are quick learners. The parents will ask “Aish, what is this Dash?” and afterward, their children will explain Dash to them!!

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Response from Head Coach Ricardo

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To answer you on the following questions:
  • Yes, the coaches supervise the boys at the library to make sure all homework and assignments are done. And yes it keeps them away from gangsterism and drugs and safe, until the parents return from work.
  • We have all races covered under the school, but the majority are indigenous African Khoi-San from the Hangberg community as we started the programme here. Our idea is to grow bigger on the way forward.
  • The boys perform very well in their own age group, and yes they won lots of games, So we decided to play them 1 age group higher.  Now they play against boys who are 2 years older than they are.
  • Our needs list I will draw up for you and send later. I’ll also send quotes for equipment and kits as is required.
  • I have 5 coaches (2 head-coaches, 2 assistants, and 1 life coach).
  • No, we are not providing meals for the children, at the moment, but definitely for the future.
  • Average spectators for a Leopards game is 100, but for tournaments around 500.
Here is a pic of yesterday’s games against Franschoek. The Dash Leopards are wearing the blue shirts.  Thanks for everything you have done and still preparing for us in the future. We really appreciate all, and wish to build a positive and long lasting relationship with all of you.
Yours in Sport

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More about the Dash Leopards

About the Dash Leopards and Dash Digital Cash