The Korana are an aboriginal nomadic Khoikhoi group who derived their name from a chief called Kora, who was originally a leader of the Gorachouqua. He detached himself from this group, with his followers, and became the first great chief of the Korana. Others say that the name Korana could mean ‘the real thing’.

The Enigma That Is John Reed

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As John Reed has carried out a defamatory campaign against DashingDude in particular, and Dash Africa in general, we are forced to defend ourselves, if only by relating John’s background as best as we can establish it. Then we must leave it to the Dash community to judge the credibility of John’s claims.

Both Roger Toms and Ricado Phillips have known John Reed for 15+ years, largely because John has, for much of his adult life, carried himself off as a community activist, generally for the impoverished Hangberg community. He concentrated on correcting the injustices perpetrated against the artisanal fisher folk, also on promoting the interests of the Khoi-San community of which John regarded himself a member while his credentials for such membership are dubious. Over these years he generally appeared to have no gainful employment, certainly not for any long period, but Roger regarded this as a case of “ask no questions, told no lies”!

Because of his influence within the poorer communities we regarded John as an ideal ambassador to promote Dash in those communities. At roughly the same time the opportunity with Ricardo’s kids’ football club arose, out of which we created the Dash Leopards, a community project with strong potential for national and international Dash publicity. John attached himself to the project using his old friendship with Ricardo and then the wheels slowly came off. Despite having been well-schooled by Roger, John did not create a business plan and budget for the Leopards but helped commit the club to disastrously expensive “fund-raiser” events.

John registered the Dash Leopards as a non-profit organisation and inserted himself as one of 3 directors, also as the manager with signing rights on the club’s finances. He then employed an administrator, albeit with the tacit approval of DashingDude who, although a significant club benefactor, had no real influence in the matter. Thereafter, the club’s precarious finances went into disarray, to what degree is still under investigation. What we know for certain is that much of the publicity equipment, paid for under Dash projects, was not delivered as final payments were not made to the suppliers.

As for John borrowing money in order to finance the club’s commitment to the Amsterdam Easter tournament, we can see absolutely no merit to this claim. Otherwise, why did the club fail to be represented at Amsterdam? That failure was more down to the ruinous losses made by the so-called fund-raising events: irrespective, it was certainly no fault of DashingDude and Dash in general.

John also inveigled our friend, Marcos Rodriguez-Pascal, into extending the Amsterdam trip to include a visit Barcelona: this came at the considerable personal cost of time and money for both Marcos and his friends in Barcelona. The cancellation of the trip was made without warning or apology, a simply appalling failure on the part of John Reed.

The immediate action being taken is to replace John Reed as a club director while establishing the approximate amount of club funds which has gone astray, presumably at John’s hand. At the same time we will use our best efforts to establish a stable club administration, to eliminate losses and facilitate proper planning. That will ensure the future of the Dash Leopards and allow Dash to maximise benefit from the investment already made in the club.

Tom Rogers, for DashingDude and Ricardo Phillips

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Boost for Dash Leopards

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Twenty-five young soccer players from Hout Bay have the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in an overseas tournament later this year.

It has been a year to remember for the youngsters from the Dash Leopards soccer school, which was only founded in April last year.

Not only have they received sponsorship from African cryptocurreny concern Dash Africa to become known as the Dash Leopards, making the school the first in the world to be sponsored by a cryptocurrency, but their numbers have swelled to the extent that an under-15 team will be added to the project’s existing under-11 and under-13 squads.

Now Dash Leopards have the chance to play against teams from other countries at the Open Easter Tournament in the Netherlands over this year’s Easter weekend, competing in eight games over the two-day competition.

The soccer school is the brainchild of Hangberg coach and mentor Ricardo Phillips, a man who has dedicated the last decade of his life to upliftment projects using sport as the foundation.

With all the experience he gained from working on projects all over Cape Town, he decided to embark on the Leopards initiative last April.

Coupled with the three-day-a-week soccer component is an aftercare and study programme, which sees coaches assisting the school’s 30 students with homework and the teaching of life skills.

Sentinel Primary School, the Hout Bay International School and Disa Primary are just three schools that have come on board with the programme.

Mr Phillips has been joined in his endeavours by fellow director, John Reed and administrator and life skills co-ordinator, Brenda Davis.

Dash Africa’s commitment to the project came about thanks to Mr Reed’s relationship with one of the company’s founders, Roger Toms, who was looking for leaders in Africa to identify projects that could be included in its corporate social responsibility footprint.

“The aim of Dash Leopards is to motivate the kids and provide them with life insights so that we can send them on their way to successful lives,” Mr Phillips said.

“In Hangberg our kids are faced with a lot of negativity, so our aim is to introduce something positive into their lives. With the addition of the under-15 players in February, our numbers will be up to 45 so we are growing all the time.”

An important part of the programme is emphasising the importance of a healthy diet.

“We’ve been pleased to get the kids’ parents on board in terms of getting them to eat well,” Ms Davis said.

“However, as the programme grows we are looking for sponsorships to feed them all.”

The involvement of Dash Africa has obviously bolstered the club tremendously, but in order for the 25 players and coaches to make the trip overseas, some R300 000 will need to be raised.

The directors will also be hosting a huge fund-raising event at the Hangberg Sports Complex where the children train on Saturday February 24 from 2pm until 9pm.

The event will be headlined by popular actor and singer Emo Adams, The Rockets as well as 2017 Idols SA winner Paxton Fielies, and will also include performances by a number of Hout Bay artists.

“The kids are over the moon about the trip. We believe this experience can give them a taste of what they can become if they work hard,” Mr Phillips said.

Paying tribute to the staff at the Hangberg public library, who have also supported the Dash Leopards project, Mr Reed said it was important the children improved themselves academically.

“Many of these kids’ parents work during the day, so once they finish school for the day there is no one to look after them. Our coaches then play a surrogate role, not only improving their skills on the pitch, but assisting them with their school work,” he said.

“We would also like to appeal to the local Hout Bay business community to sponsor the programme, to supplement the efforts of Dash Africa and what they’ve offered. We believe this is a project they could be proud of.”

To find out more about the soccer project, call Brenda Davis on 061 763 9871.

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Dash Sponsor Kit + Swag for Leopards Soccer

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Dash Sponsor Soccer Teams:  The new Dash-sponsored Leopards Kit arrived on Friday!!  The recent increase in Dash price enabled us to spend more than our initial budget for:

Kit for 30 players

Dash-branded league-soccer kit for 30x soccer-kids:

  • Numbered Soccer shirts, shorts, socks
  • Goalie uniforms
  • Team-captain armbands

Kit for 5 coaches

The 5 coaches received:

  • 5 Coach jerseys in unique colours
  • Matching soccer-shirts, identical to the teams
  • Kit-bags and soccer balls

Dash Tracksuits

Dash Leopards tracksuits for the teams and coaches.

Dash Swag!

No web URL is needed on shirts and stickers – simply google “Dash Leopards”, and you’ll find us immediately!!  We also got:

  • 3x Camera-men.  We’ll release the videos once they are edited.
  • Big Dash-love.  I am a shy guy, but now I keep getting accosted by guys saying “Hey, I’m a Dash Leopards supporter too!”.

Dash is the new Hot Topic in our community.  Ask any of the kids what Dash is, and they’ll tell you that it is Digital Cash.  Ask them what Digital Cash is, and they won’t really know yet.  But they will, very soon…. I promise!

I am not doing this project alone.  I have the support of an unexpected large team who also want this project to succeed.  And it is succeeding!  We thank the people in the Dash community who enabled this to happen.

Rock Lobster Fishing rights ‘still favour Big Business’

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Rock Lobster Fishing rights still favour Big Business:  News / 26 October 2017, 00:12am / Dominic Adriaanse:File photo: Reuters

The collective that represents thousands of small-scale fishers from coastal near-shore fishing sectors in the Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal says the system used to allocate the West Coast rock lobster fishing rights remains skewed.  Despite the fishing season officially beginning on October 1, the delegated authority, Siphokazi Ndundane, has yet to determine the global rock lobster total allowable catch (TAC) for the commercial offshore and near-shore, small-scale and recreational sub-sectors said spokesperson for the fishers, Pedro Garcia.

He said the current system of allocation did not benefit the small-scale and near-shore fishers.

“When they eventually finalise the allocation for the TAC for the rock lobster, it will be percentages and not kilos.  This will not address the imbalances in a system that still only caters for the commercial companies and keeps the indigenous and traditional fishers marginalised,” said Garcia.

He said the collective still believed suspending the current allocations and implementing interim relief for a period of three years and re-evaluating the process would both work towards addressing the imbalances and sustaining the natural resource.

It was evident the deeply impoverished majority within coastal fishing communities had been radically short-changed, said Garcia.

Premier Fishing and Brands, one of the country’s largest black-owned fishing companies, had a 65-year track record, said its chief executive Samir Saban.

“Our motivation has always been the transformation of the fishing industry and to strive to assist the small-scale and indigenous fishers to thrive within the industry.

“We aim to work with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to transform the landscape,” said Saban.

He said the allocations process was a complex and sensitive matter that had an impact on the livelihoods of both sides of the spectrum.

Department spokesperson Carol Moses said it issued rights related to the species, not to people.

“The commercial or far-shore industry differs to the near-shore with regards to the number and scale, and cannot be compared in many ways.”

“The TAC for the rock lobster will be issued soon but the process has been extended to allow the Fisheries management deputy director-general to consider further opinions from all sides before making a final decision,” said Moses.

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See original article on IOL!  Or visit John’s Blog to learn more about the Korana community projects.

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Tee-shirts for Dash Leopards soccer supporters

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I received a lovely surprise today.  I spontaneously decided to go and watch the soccer on a Friday evening, to chat with the coaches.  I didn’t notice initially, then I saw that many people were wearing brand new Dash Leopards tee-shirts!

  40 shirts were ordered for the parents and supporters of the teams, at the team’s own expense!  They are trying to say “thank-you” to Dash.  I also saw samples of the Dash-branded tracksuits, which are also self-funded by the teams.  The second round of Dash funding, which has been received, will pay for branded soccer-shirts and other kit as per our budget, but these lovely surprises are not at our expense.  I will post again when the sponsored kit arrives, hopefully by Friday.  We’ll make videos too.

There is much more to come from this project, so please stay posted.  I promised a good ROI for the 3.3 Dash per month, for soccer.  And now we’re earning Dash love and awareness from an entire community, for very little money.

PS: To re-iterate, this was not a planned visit.  The teams did not expect me to arrive.  The supporters were wearing Dash Leopards shirts anyhow and will continue to do-so.  The planned visit will happen next-week, hopefully, when we’ll make the videos.

Thank you to the people who helped to make this start to happen!  I’ll thank you in person on Dash Discord.

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Leopards funding received – and about our teams

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The Dash Leopards Soccer project is moving at warp-speed! We received the needed funding for the first month… and I myself am amazed by the team that we have raised, to support this project spontaneously and surprisingly.
The project started quite by chance, after I did some community work. And now we suddenly have a professional camera-man, a pro designer in London, 5 coaches, 3 teams, a manager, writers and editors, a legal expert, marketing men, proper admin, and so much more. Of course, we also have the support of the Dash community (DashForce and the, and our fellow Dash Africans like @cryptolib and @rotc and @zambang and others. It’s all gone crazy. Try google “Dash Leopards” yourself and see what comes up….. Wow! There is plenty more work to do, but we’ve made an amazing start, I think…

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Introducing the Dash Leopards

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The Dash community was able to raise funding for the indigenous African kids from a soccer team in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa in the poverty-stricken Hangburg community to register to play soccer in Amsterdam next Easter, in an incredibly short amount of time.  Following an appeal on the Dash Slack, the funds were raised within 24h…. just in time for the Amsterdam registration deadline.

After that amazing success, the soccer team have now changed their name to The Dash Leopards.  The team was named after the famous Leopard Rock sculpture in Hout Bay.  Please read our blog posts to find out more,

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