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How Nigeria Beat the Odds to Become Africa’s Cryptocurrency Heartland

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Nigeria – African nations can’t get enough of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That’s the message touted by western media at least, which is happy to cheerlead the measures Africans are taking to reclaim their financial freedom and combat inflation. These stories, while true, fail to get to the heart of the manner. Yes, there’s widespread interest in cryptocurrency throughout the continent, but that’s only half the story.

To truly understand the way in which cryptocurrencies are transforming the lives of people, and helping to establish previously unfancied countries such as Nigeria as an unlikely frontier for innovation, it is necessary to dive deeper and look at the projects being undertaken in these lands. Some are hugely ambitious in scope; others are more modest. But in almost every single documented case, the results have been, by any reckoning, deeply impressive.

Start with the Numbers

There is a misconception in the west that Nigeria must be a poor nation due to the continent it lies within, but the reality is very different. While the country has its share of poverty, the oil-rich land also has its wealth, and this is reflected in its economic output. Officially classified as a middle-income country, Nigeria is the world’s 20th-largest nation in terms of purchasing power parity. Not only is Nigeria the largest African economy, but its debt-to-GDP ratio is an impressive 11%, down 8% from 2012.

Nigeria has long been a tech-savvy country. Like its neighbors, it lacks the infrastructure that nations in other global regions take for granted, but a paucity of high-speed internet and overspec’d desktop computers hasn’t been allowed to hinder things. On mobile devices, tablets and anything else that can be connected to a WiFi hotspot (or, more often, cellular data), Nigerians have proven themselves to be a tech-literate and forward-thinking nation. It is no coincidence that many of the country’s students, who obtain visas to study abroad, excel in disciplines such as computing science and engineering.

If ever there were a textbook case of a willingness to pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps, it can be found in Nigeria. There is a real can-do spirit among the country’s entrepreneurs, tech evangelists and autodidacts, whose efforts have helped the country become a hub of crypto innovation. The numbers behind bitcoin adoption show that this hypothesis stacks up: Nigerians are trading almost $5 million of bitcoin a week, a 17x increase on a year previously. Interestingly, the amount of bitcoin that Nigeria is trading on a weekly basis correlates with the country’s economic activity in general; its GDP places it 21st in the world (and first in Africa), while its BTC trading volume places it 23rd.

Nigerians have also taken to other cryptocurrencies with aplomb, including Dash, whose relative stability and suitability for microtransactions has seen it attract a vociferous and diverse community. Dash-themed meetups in Lagos and other towns and cities are commonplace, and a number of merchants accept the cryptocurrency. Having DashSquard Nigeria as part of the major Ambassadors of Dash in Nigeria have seen a big growth in the country a feat which was on cointelegraph and DashForceNews. Aside from its utility, Nigerians are also attracted to the principles underpinning decentralized currencies, such as their censorship-resistance. This is demonstrated by the fact that Nigerians run an unusually high number of full bitcoin nodes.

Crazy about Crypto

Reports from Nigeria’s major cryptocurrency exchanges provide a clearer view of the demand for decentralized currencies. David Ajala, who operates NairaEx, is quoted in Bloomberg as saying “The growth has been crazy. It took us two years to get 10,000 customers. Within the last year, we’ve added 90,000.” The country has around a dozen official exchanges in total, and all report similar results.

Looking at the official figures for OTC trading only tells half the story however. Much of the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria takes place face to face or using messaging apps such as Telegram where parties can get to know one another and establish trust. Globally, the crypto space, due to the newfound value of digital assets, has a reputation for attracting unsavory elements including hackers and scammers. Nigerians have largely combatted this through buying and selling the old-fashioned way: by meeting in person, getting to know the other party and then doing business. The need to purchase cryptocurrencies has spawned crypto meetups everywhere from Lagos to small villages and towns. In the process, it’s helped further increase awareness and support for bitcoin and its ilk. Which DashSquard have facilitated

The difference between Nigeria and the West

The real reason why Nigeria is proving itself a testing ground for cryptocurrency isn’t just on account of the trading volume: it’s also due to the many ways in which the people are purposing their newly acquired crypto. In other parts of the world, many investors see crypto as something to ‘hodl’: an asset which is acquired and then locked away on a hardware wallet in a darkened vault till time indefinite. There’s nothing wrong with this strategy from a financial perspective, but it isn’t conducive to increasing cryptocurrency adoption and demonstrating that these decentralized currencies can solve real world problems.

While Nigerians, like citizens in every other country, are saving cryptocurrency, they’re also putting it to work. They’re buying and selling goods and services, both online and in meatspace, and are signing up for crypto-based services that provide everything from loans to remittance and from gift cards to accommodation bookings DashSquard presently having a proposal to further bolster their efforts in Nigeria having helped several mercahnts to accepts Dash In Nigeria. Through a combination of necessity, ingenuity and a deep desire to better their lives, Nigerians have helped transform their country into a breeding ground and a testbed for crypto projects with DashSquard being a frontier for Dash in Nigeria. If these platforms, dApps, exchanges and wallets can gain traction in Nigeria, they can do so in many other African countries, as well as those on other continents.

This article aims to debunk the general disorientation of the world about Nigeria as a poor country. This misconception has chased away viable investors as they do not foresee possible returns on their investment. Being an African Nation classified us as one of the poor countries of the world which is not true. The notion that Nigerians are poor and rejected is only valid in historical books and any persons who is current with the recent happening in Nigeria will say otherwise with respect to our global influence.

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Dash Global Sponsored Event At Marabarido

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Marabarido:  We are still running the Dash Global Marathon Event.

Over 30 people came for our last meetup sponsored by Dash Global.  Today’s Meet-Up Held at Marabarido was jaw dropping. Six people knew about Bitcoin. No one knew about Dash. We discussed what assets are, view the graph on Bittrex of Dash over the weeks and how its value has appreciated.

We opened new dash wallet for over 30 folks there. I personally discussed the benefits of Dash with them and how they can acquire it. I took them through Luno.com, WallOfCoins.com, gidicoin.com and also gave them a lot of security tips so as not to let them lose their Dash.

After the event a lot of the attendees became very interested in crypto currency and most especially DASH.

– Attendees: 30
– Wallets Open: 30
– No One knew about Dash

Dash Military Event Report

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We finished our Military conference/sport competition!

I am glad that we were able to collect a good audience. We had a twist to the event because the Nigeria Army Basket Ball Day and our event day clashed so we had to join them because they will be traveling the next day and we did not want them to miss out so we had to join. Over 50 sport men came in that day both civilians and military. The event was supposed to be a one day event but we had to make it a two day event so as to get more officers to our conference.
1. We had 30 military men and about 20 sport men. Just one person knew about cryptocurrency. no one knew about Dash. All of the people in attendant came because of they wanted to know more about the NEW CURRENCY in town and what it entails.

2. Structure of the presentation: What is cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency advantages, Dash and its brief history, some facts, statistics, examples of personal use. Next on the TOP 10 cryptocurrency and the transition to the benefits of the Dash. Data on the usage in Nigeria and the benefits to the Nigeria Army. Qestions And Answers.
3. I spoke on my personal experience on Dash and the benefits to Nigeria economy if fully adopted. I encouraged them to try and keep more dash and totally dump the Niara with the banking system. If they should keep their money in the bank they do not own their money the bankers do.
We spoke on different investment opportunity using dash from masternodes to shares etc.
4. I introduced them to different exchanges from wall of coins, luno, remitano, shapeshift and gidicoin where they can buy DAsh or Bitcoins and shapeshift it to Dash.
5. FOR THE BASKET BALL COMPETITION: We gave the winner of the competition 0.4 in paper wallet which fortunately went to the Military men. We helped all of the players to open their New dash wallet and the coach gave all of them their dash before we left the event center.

FOR THE CONFERENCE: we had over 80 military personnel at the event and we sent $6 to three top ranking officers and then $3 to 18 soldiers. Before we left over 10 of them bought dash from gidicoi.com and many called days after to buy more.

6. Recommendation to soldiers:  I Told the military personnel to either keep their dash for now as we do not have any basic utility of dash in Nigeria but we showed our slides on our January proposal. I did not want to enforce anyone to keep dash or sell it. I feel giving them the right to use the gift for whatever they want is the soul purpose of giving them also: This is the only way at the moment to enable a person in the process of using cryptocurrency to experience the real use of digital cash.
7. List of the people that i sent the Dash and the address:

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500 New Dash Wallets

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To open 500 New Dash Wallets on the 26th December 2017 at The Chonge Dovetail Festival And Urban Music Festival in collaboration with DASH Squard Nigeria:

I will be partnering with the ChongeDoveTail founders and Urban Music Festival so as to introduce Dash to most of the attendees of the event. https://twitter.com/chong_dovetail

What is ChongeDoveTail? The Festival is an annual one-day festival in the state of Kaduna, in the North-western part of Northern Nigeria. The region is made up of the Bajju indigenes. People from around the world travel to Kaduna just to witness the occasion.The main purpose of the festival is for culture and unity. The purpose of the event is to basickly promote the Bajju culture. The last year event had upto 3,800 attendees.

Urban Music: I decided to throw a proposal to the organiser of the urban music festival which is attended by nearly 200 people. The Urban music showcase absolutely phenomenal independent musical act. At the event attendees can buy their drinks and snacks with dash at a subsidised fee.

This promotion will reach the nearly 300 event organisers,developers, startup founders, CEOs, journalists, Music PRs and their friends who attend Urban Music Festival. By using Dash transactions valued at less than a dollar, this market segment will not only become educated but experience first hand two of the most important features and usecases of Dash: instant transfers and near-zero fees

As the struggle for cryptocurrency rages on in Nigeria and Africa at large, as far as i know very few Nigerians use digital currency in any real world situations. We will create an environment that draws people in, holds their hand as they sign up for a dash wallet, sell them dash, and then let’s them transact with it.

I contacted the organisers of the two event with a proposal to subsidise the event gate fee for just 500 attendees who buys the ticket with DASH. The Gate fee goes for $15 per participant for both events but anyone who buys the ticket with dash will pay just $10. But, before the event we will be having a one day wild cart meetup with a speculative 500 participants explaining the benefits and use of Dash and it will be after the meetup we will be distributing the tickets for those who will buy with dash. The ticket for our meetup is free but only those who have bought dash worth of $10 will be able to come in and for those who don’t have can buy at the meetup entrance. We will be bringing in some of the local artists to the wild cart meetup so as to bring in more attendees.

We will have a booth and staff set up on site to help people create Dash wallets on their mobile phones and show them how to spend it and communicate clearly it’s benefits. They’ll leave understanding that they can transfer instantly, that the transfer fees are low or non existent, and that there’s a treasury to fund Dash’s expansion. We will take their money on site, cash and credit cards, and transfer Dash to them so their wallets are loaded and ready to go and they can spend it.

For these folks, it will likely be the first time they spend digital currency on something in the real world because most of them still think digital currency is for PONZI and trading and this will be an opportunity for i an my team to help re educate them.

Structure of Presentation

  • Blockchain
  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • Why Dash?
  • Dash V.S Fiat Currency
  • Bitcoin vs Dash.
  • Features Of Dash
  • Why Dash is the future of Money.
  • The growth of dash for the past three years.
  • Questions – Answers.



Standby Electrical Power: $200
Audio and Visual Equipments: $138
Photo Coverage: $138

Accommodation and Leisure Facilities

Conference Room: $400
Conference Stationary: $55
Boot Setup: $136
Artists fee: $200

Online Advert For The Event:

FaceBook: $50 Twitter:$50 Instagram:$50 Ray Power Radio interview: $100


Refreshment: $138


Transportation: $200
Souvenirs: $69
Subsidised Dash: $1500
Security (Armed Military Men): $500

TOTAL: 3,924