Concert in Cape Town – The Cape Town Dash Ambassadors will be hosting a Dash Meet-up Concert on Saturday evening, featuring live music acts including The Rockets. Approximately 600 people are expected to attend the event.  There will be visible Dash branding to the event, and the Ambassadors will take time to educated concert-goers about Digital Cash.  They hope to open many new Dash wallets! The event will be filmed, and we hope to release
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This powerful letter was recently written by the amazing @TanteStefana of the Dash community: I’m writing to you and the community as a whole. I understand that many of you bought into Dash because you see it as a potential winner in the crypto space and that you can earn a steady income from running a node. The budget system is great, only as a business person, you don’t see the value of some of the
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An African Dash song has just been released by @Ultimatecrypto from Ghana. @alex-ru from Russia kindly made a video of the song. Enjoy! Dash Africa
Nice People are now able to donate directly to the Dash Leopards overseas tour! By bank EFT Banking Details: FNB, Cheque Account Number: 62737404632 Dash Leopards Soccer School NPC 2017/523630/08 E-mail address: [email protected] With Dash Dash Leopards QR or use this wallet address: XikZFP9xdL5RniE7JC8rUqRwDCf1eR5a9U Thanks for your generosity! Dash South Africa  ∙  Dash Leopards  ∙  About
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Cape Town Dash Ambassadors – We held a Dash Ambassadors meeting in our new Dash Africa Waterfront Office, in the Hout Bay market, near the southernmost tip of Africa.  The Dash Ambassadors will be arranging their own Cape Town meet-up this week, hopefully the first of many. I was blown-away by the new office.  It is amazing!  The space that we occupy is provided by John Reed, manager of the Dash Leopards and community activist.  As
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