This is a slightly technical subject to satisfy readers of a curious bent. Dash Projects refers to the activity of individual members of the Dash community, or defined groups of members, to generally improve the public profile of Dash, ultimately the level of investment in Dash. Such activity always costs time and money which is then reimbursed from the Dash Treasury using the 10% retention of all Dash mined. Projects are created through the submission
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As John Reed has carried out a defamatory campaign against DashingDude in particular, and Dash Africa in general, we are forced to defend ourselves, if only by relating John’s background as best as we can establish it. Then we must leave it to the Dash community to judge the credibility of John’s claims. Both Roger Toms and Ricado Phillips have known John Reed for 15+ years, largely because John has, for much of his adult
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The expression of “the balloon going up” generally refers to a serious warning of impending danger. The balloon certainly went up in January of this year as far as cryptocurrency is concerned, also in respect of the health of this scribe: a series of afflictions deprived of the mental space within which to write constructive commentary. Now that the dust has settled on January’s precipitous rise, and fall, of most cryptos, and normal health has
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DASH expands outreach in Central Africa, raises new ambassadors The Dashy Africa Group which has successfully expanded outreach into Cameroon since the beginning of the year has taken a further step to concretizing Dash in Cameroon thanks to funding by Dash DAO Treasury.This project carried out by Nathaniel Luz and Oladotun Wilfred involved training for Dash ambassadors, seminars, and meetups for local crypto traders, TV and radio shows, including plans to partner with the first online
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Dash Leopards Improving Lives of Kids in Africa, Dash-style   Dash South Africa  ∙  Dash Leopards  ∙  About
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