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Dash Meet Up Music Concert

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Concert in Cape Town – The Cape Town Dash Ambassadors will be hosting a Dash Meet-up Concert on Saturday evening, featuring live music acts including The Rockets.

Approximately 600 people are expected to attend the event.  There will be visible Dash branding to the event, and the Ambassadors will take time to educated concert-goers about Digital Cash.  They hope to open many new Dash wallets!

The event will be filmed, and we hope to release a report soon!  We plan to hold further concerts in future.

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An open letter to Masternode Owners

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This powerful letter was recently written by the amazing @TanteStefana of the Dash community:

I’m writing to you and the community as a whole. I understand that many of you bought into Dash because you see it as a potential winner in the crypto space and that you can earn a steady income from running a node. The budget system is great, only as a business person, you don’t see the value of some of the apparently wasteful things that have been supported in the past, and you are going to do your darndest to put a stop to it! I appreciate that. Many of the things Dash has done don’t make economic sense. I keep hearing about the Rate of Income, and that we’re not seeing sufficient returns on some of the proposals. Unfortunately, I don’t think you understand what you signed on for. Please let me explain.

The cryptocurrency movement started by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto, is a declaration of war against the incumbent banking system. There is no sweeter way of saying it. Of course nobody wants actual war, or any type of violence, however the incumbent system has utterly failed the people of the world in so many ways, and are undoubtedly the cause and source of all the wars around the world; the proof of which would be far too long a book to write here. This war can only be won Gandhi style, Martin Luther King Jr. style. We must win the hearts and minds of the world. We must grab as big a foothold in countries who have been decimated by bad governments and bankers. What you signed on for here is not a “business” that runs a balance sheet and must show profit. You signed on to a war.

If you have not noticed yet, The IMF’s Christine Lagarde had declared the need to “control cryptocurrencies”. The good news is that they can not, ultimately, control them. They can however block fiat access which would be a huge slowdown in adoption. You see, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, he knew he already won the war. However, there are still battles to go through. They will not change the ultimate outcome, but they can cause a LOT of misery; probably even death, as it’s obvious that those in power will do anything to keep it. It does NOT have to go this way if we play the game of Chess well. They’re on the defense. Lets keep them there!

So what do we need to get us through these battles as unscathed and solid as possible? We need two things. We need to win hearts and minds of the people of the world and we need to get footholds in large areas where people use cryptos in daily life, not fiat. For this, Dash is the best tool, but the crypto community as a whole needs to band together to make this work! And because of our budget, Dash is in the best position to lead this charge.

If you have not noticed, the media is fully controlled by the governments today. There is no more freedom of the press anymore, except for small independent groups and individuals. Today’s mainstream media is pulled by the very same strings; not left, not right, none of that is even real. Who in America that isn’t brainwashed or mentally ill, really hates blacks, whites, browns yellows and purples? You really think “white” people care what color skin another person has? I’ll tell you, not any more than a black or brown or purple person is likely to hate a white or other color person. No, it’s a tool to divide and conquer. Birth control, abortion, wages, race; it’s all fodder to keep the people incensed and impudent. Nothing changes no matter who is in charge.

By supporting projects like The Free Thought Project, Ben Swann, and the crypto show (and their humanitarian aid arm) and more, we develop a relationship and allies. Our funding can empower free media, and in return we can expect that they will tell the truth about crypto. This is the absolutely best way to win hearts and minds in my opinion because even the most average of humans in the United States feels manipulated and that something isn’t right in the media, even if they can’t put their finger on it. If we can increase the reach of Truth in Media or any other such project, it will be the best tool we can hope for in this war.

Also, the importance of what we do in Venezuela and other South American countries, plus what we do for many countries in Africa cannot be under estimated. These are Dash’s and crypto’s foot holds. There is so much potential in Africa and South America, and digital currencies will free that potential. If you don’t know by now, you should know that it is corrupt banking or lack thereof that keeps the people in these parts of the world from participating economically in the world. If we get a real economy working in these parts of the world, these countries or areas have no debt, no love of western banking. They will be whole heartedly crypto. And nobody will be able to change that.

Either we win, or we drag this out forever, until the corrupt institutions of the world find a way to co-opt everything the crypto community have been trying to build. We look at the bottom line for what Ben Swann’s rate of return cost per click was, or we back media because it represents freedom as does cryptocurrency. We build a trust relationship with hard working young people in Africa, who are grass rooting their country and soon catapulting it to the top of the food chain, or we leave them and their potential high and dry because pictures aren’t enough proof, there “could” be waste in how they are functioning, or god forbit they “take us” for a dash or two. I don’t even think they’d ever even do that, they’re full of so much zest for building an economy in their homeland, but the narrow-minded fear we seem to have is starting to become irrational.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this letter to you, the Dash community is a request to support and vote for all the African, Venezuelan, Benn Swann, Truth in Media proposals because we NEED these people to win! Thank you so much for reading this and I apologize for posting this everywhere, but that is my intention.

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