The Dash Sky project flies exclusively Dash-branded tandem paragliders over the Cape Town mother-city… which cycle all day long, every day, so that at least one will always be in the sky, weather-permitting.

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Concept Intro: Dash Sky Paragliding

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This is a brief introduction to the Dash Sky Paragliding project.  Dash Sky proposes to buy a large sector of the billboard space provided by the paraglider canopies for the entire paragliding season.

Our 6 professionally branded paragliders will each fly 10 times per day, weather permitting.  On average, we can fly 5 days out of 7.

  • 6 gliders x 10 = 60 flights per day
  • Hence 300 flights per 5-day week.
  • 1200 flights per month.
  • 14 400 flights per year, totaling 28 800 over 2 years.
  • Approx 0.002083333 Dash per flight (US $ 2.31)


  • Gladers take-off from Signal Hill, a famous and popular tourist destination.
  • Gliders land at the Promenade in front of the Winchester Mansions Hotel on the the beach in Sea Point, which is also a popular tourist destination.
  • Dash-branded booths and banners at both locations.
  • Approx 90% of customers elect to have in-flight videos.
  • Our company policy is for all our pilots to include pictures and video in the air with the Branded
    Paraglider in frame for at least 25% of the duration of video and 25% of the total amount of pictures taken.

Social Media:

Our customers post their pictures and videos on Socal Media.  Our current social media profile :

  • Facebook likes / followers 8.1k
  • Twitter followers 8.4k
  • Google Plus followers 40.9k
  • Instagram followers 19.5k

Thirty percent of our website traffic comes from Social Media.

Case Study:  Effectiveness of Aerial Advertising

After having performed only 50 hours of flight / exposure time, the study secured astonishing results, detailed below.  After having flown 100 hours of flight / exposure time, a second survey was completed.  Aerial advertising was the only medium used to expose the brand.

50 Hours Flight / Exposure Time:

  • 28% of all people sampled recalled the brand
  • Of those, 92% remembered the Aerial Banner passing
  • 82% stated that the banner was readable/clear
  • 59% discussed the banner and brand with their friends, colleagues or family

100 Hours Flight/Exposure Time:

  • 47% of all people sampled recalled the brand
  • Of those, 93% remembered the Aerial banner passing
  • 77% stated that the banner was readable/clear
  • 54% discussed the banner and brand with their friends, colleagues or family

Please return soon for news updates!

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