500 New Dash Wallets

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To open 500 New Dash Wallets on the 26th December 2017 at The Chonge Dovetail Festival And Urban Music Festival in collaboration with DASH Squard Nigeria:

I will be partnering with the ChongeDoveTail founders and Urban Music Festival so as to introduce Dash to most of the attendees of the event.

What is ChongeDoveTail? The Festival is an annual one-day festival in the state of Kaduna, in the North-western part of Northern Nigeria. The region is made up of the Bajju indigenes. People from around the world travel to Kaduna just to witness the occasion.The main purpose of the festival is for culture and unity. The purpose of the event is to basickly promote the Bajju culture. The last year event had upto 3,800 attendees.

Urban Music: I decided to throw a proposal to the organiser of the urban music festival which is attended by nearly 200 people. The Urban music showcase absolutely phenomenal independent musical act. At the event attendees can buy their drinks and snacks with dash at a subsidised fee.

This promotion will reach the nearly 300 event organisers,developers, startup founders, CEOs, journalists, Music PRs and their friends who attend Urban Music Festival. By using Dash transactions valued at less than a dollar, this market segment will not only become educated but experience first hand two of the most important features and usecases of Dash: instant transfers and near-zero fees

As the struggle for cryptocurrency rages on in Nigeria and Africa at large, as far as i know very few Nigerians use digital currency in any real world situations. We will create an environment that draws people in, holds their hand as they sign up for a dash wallet, sell them dash, and then let’s them transact with it.

I contacted the organisers of the two event with a proposal to subsidise the event gate fee for just 500 attendees who buys the ticket with DASH. The Gate fee goes for $15 per participant for both events but anyone who buys the ticket with dash will pay just $10. But, before the event we will be having a one day wild cart meetup with a speculative 500 participants explaining the benefits and use of Dash and it will be after the meetup we will be distributing the tickets for those who will buy with dash. The ticket for our meetup is free but only those who have bought dash worth of $10 will be able to come in and for those who don’t have can buy at the meetup entrance. We will be bringing in some of the local artists to the wild cart meetup so as to bring in more attendees.

We will have a booth and staff set up on site to help people create Dash wallets on their mobile phones and show them how to spend it and communicate clearly it’s benefits. They’ll leave understanding that they can transfer instantly, that the transfer fees are low or non existent, and that there’s a treasury to fund Dash’s expansion. We will take their money on site, cash and credit cards, and transfer Dash to them so their wallets are loaded and ready to go and they can spend it.

For these folks, it will likely be the first time they spend digital currency on something in the real world because most of them still think digital currency is for PONZI and trading and this will be an opportunity for i an my team to help re educate them.

Structure of Presentation

  • Blockchain
  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • Why Dash?
  • Dash V.S Fiat Currency
  • Bitcoin vs Dash.
  • Features Of Dash
  • Why Dash is the future of Money.
  • The growth of dash for the past three years.
  • Questions – Answers.



Standby Electrical Power: $200
Audio and Visual Equipments: $138
Photo Coverage: $138

Accommodation and Leisure Facilities

Conference Room: $400
Conference Stationary: $55
Boot Setup: $136
Artists fee: $200

Online Advert For The Event:

FaceBook: $50 Twitter:$50 Instagram:$50 Ray Power Radio interview: $100


Refreshment: $138


Transportation: $200
Souvenirs: $69
Subsidised Dash: $1500
Security (Armed Military Men): $500

TOTAL: 3,924

DASH for Soldiers: 150 Nigerian Soldiers Event

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Dash 150 Nigerian military Soldiers conference on the 8th December, Time: 10Am-12Pm

The Dash 150 Nigerian military Soldiers conference is the first of its kind to ever happen on the Nigerian Soil and Africa as a whole.  The conference is aimed at introducing 150 Nigerian military personnel to the cryptocurrency ecosystem using Dash as an exemplary coin.

The participants will be learning how to use Dash to instantly send money from any geographical location, and securely at that. They will be witnessing the immerse and numerous advantages of using cryptocurency (DASH) over traditional fiat currency; as Digital Cash has already proven over the years through numerous amazing innovations and upgrades.

The conference will be a blast!!!

Why the Nigerian Military?

The following are the major challenges that the Nigeria Military men/women suffer from:

  1. Cross Border transactions: due to difficulty in transferring funds from Nigeria to oversee and vice versa Dash will be a better option than Western Union money transfer or any other means. PayPal would have been another option but Nigerians are not allowed to transact with PayPal and so Dash will help solve this issue with no stress or difficulty.
  1. Anonymous transaction: The Nigeria Military men need anon transaction to protect family and themselves too. Using their Debit card to shop online exposes them to theft and also put their family into danger due to high insecurity in the country and terrorist operations.
  1. Instant Money Transfer: Dash will help the armed forces to transfer their money instantly whenever they go for peace keeping or when they travel out of the country. This dash feature will help them enormously.
  1. Prospective investors: Dash can also help them to invest into cryptocurrency and also monitor their investment no matter where they are; by this they can invest into Dash shares, Dash masternodes or they can just buy and keep dash for long term investment.
  1. Dash has quick liquidation of Assets: it is very easy for the armed forces to liquidate their asset no matter where they are without having to look for buyers or seller with the help of our exchanger they can execute their asset as fast as possible.
  1. Ease of use: Dash is far easy to use than the normal banking system where they have to bring in a lot of documents and also identification card before they can do major transactions also, because of the high transaction fee dash is far a better option than the normal banking system in Nigeria. Dash transaction fee in Nigeria cost about 20Naira which is about 3 cent while the Nigeria banking system charges about N100 apart from ATM maintenance charges, SMS charges, Withdrawal charges and also Tax which amount to about N2,500 which is about $6.94 monthly.
  1. Dash Security beats Naira security: Our armed forces are always on duty and so they are prone to misplacing wallets where they keep they Naira but with dash it is difficult to misplace your phone or computer and even if they do  they can easily get back their money with their private keys. This will be of huge advantage to our force men.
  1. Dash Speeds Beats Naira Speed: A lot of time many of my Military friends have complained about how slow the banking service can be when it comes to cross banking transaction and that has been a demerit to them and their loved ones in case of emergency. I in particular have sent money to other banks accounts in Nigeria and it takes up to 24-48 hours for the receiver to get his or her money which is not good at all in case of emergency the receiver will need to find an alternative option which will be very stressful for those soldiers that are out of Nigeria and need to get things fixed as fast as they can and so therefore dash is the only cryptocurrency that can deliver in a swift  and prompt way.
  1. Dash Appreciation beats Naira inflation: Dash have grown exponentially over the years while our Naira have reduced in economic values and inflation have been the infection in our economy. Every time we keep our Naira for a month or some days will tend to lose the actual money we save due to the poor economic situation in our country. Nigeria Naira is a typical example of the sentence “Saver are losers.”  Our Military men need to know this and this si part of what the conference will unveil to the armed force.
  1. Reduced Fraud: whenever funds are transferred via the Nigeria banking system due to the slow operations in our system the senders can decide to play smart with the receivers by claiming he has sent the funds. Dash will help the military men to eradicate every form of fraudulent activities.

Structure of Presentation

  • Blockchain
  • What is cryptocurrency ?
  • Why Dash?
  • Dash V.S Fiat Currency
  • Bitcoin vs Dash.
  • Features Of Dash
  • Why Dash is the future of Money.
  • Benefits of Dash to the armed forces.
  • The growth of dash for the past three years.
  • Questions – Answers.


Nigerian Defense Academy; Kaduna, Nigeria.


  • Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal (DashSquard President, co-founder of gidicoin, CEO of Dash Investment Micro Finance, Dash Adoption Activist)
  • Aboi Blessing (Journalist and translator for DashQuard news, CFO Dash investment, Dash Enthusiast)
  • David Chinonso (Backend Developer, Dash activist, co-founder of Dash Investment Micro Finance)
  • Pius Anyebe (CEO and professional public speaker, Cryptocurrency activist)


The first 20 military personnel to arrive the venue will be given $10 worth of Dash.


All military attendees will be exposed to a warehouse of information regarding dash and cryptocurrency as a whole bulletin and pamphlet will be distributed to all soldiers.

Swiping of paper wallets and payment of goods at the events with dash will also occur.

This will equip them with the right mind frame and information when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency and other.